Best Christmas Gifts for the Mountain Biker!

Stumped on Christmas gift ideas for that mountain biker in your life? While the obvious choice is a bike, we know that can get expensive. So what else do you get? Well, I polled some of my mountain biking friends in our Adventures with RE/MAX | Social group on Facebook to see what ideas they had, and here are some of their suggestions!

  1. Gloves: A pair of gloves is always handy (lol), and we can never have enough of them! They are an essential item in our kits and we need a variety of them for all seasons! Some of our favorites include  Handup Gloves, Tasco, Giro or Fox.
  2. Socks: Like gloves, there are a wide variety of socks and those of us who ride all seasons need different socks depending on the weather. Wool socks are our favorites for every season! The natural fibers are breathable and keep the stink at bay! Thick, thin, tall or short, we can use all of them! Some great spots to get quality wool socks are Darn Tough or Defeet.
  3. Clothing: Us cycling fanatics love comfortable, quality clothing showcasing our love for the sport. T-shirts from your favorite bike shop or your favorite bike destination like Bentonville or Brevard, North Carolina! We may be biased, but we have some pretty slick options in our store as well! We always need base layers too. While not as fun as t-shirts with graphics, the cyclist always needs layer options. Thin Merino wool is works very good for this. Easy to layer items like packable windbreakers or vests are great because they are easy to store as well in changing weather. Hats are a great option too! We all have helmet head after a ride and love throwing on favorite mountain bike hat post ride while heading out to the local brewery. Surprise your cyclist with their favorite brand bike hat!!
  4. Bike shop gift card: Can’t go wrong here! Any cyclist will appreciate a little extra money to spend at their favorite bike shop for accessories, bike maintenance, or whatever else is on their wish list! It also supports the local bike shops that keep the sport going!
  5. Accessories like Zip Strips, Cleaning Supplies, Bike Lube, or Toe Warmers: These all make great stocking stuffers and are greatly appreciated items. Sometimes it’s the small things that are needed the most and are the most annoying to spend money purchasing.
  6. Experiences: One of our favorite gifts! The memories from a trip are priceless as well as the new experiences that are had! It could be a trip out of state to a new biking destination, a race, or something else! Treat your mountain biking significant other to a trip planning day! Some great local experiences could be a weekend at Dragon Adventures Base Camp or even a weekend in Cleveland at Ray’s Indoor Bike Park! Sit down and dream!

There’s our list of gift ideas for the cyclist in your life. If you’re still stumped just ask your cyclist for their comprehensive and ever growing wish list. Because if there is one thing we know about cyclists (because I am one), it’s that there is always a wish list. Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

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