OZ Trails-Why You Should Bike in Bentonville, AR.

One of the prime destinations for Mountain Biking in the United States is Bentonville, Arkansas. It is a playground for avid mountain bikers and is a stop for Pro mountain bikers from all over the world. Mark and Amy talk through what to bring, what to do, and everything you need to know about mountain biking in the area!

  1. Slaughter Pen-This trail starts out from downtown Bentonville and is miles of trails with easy access to Bentonville Downtown area. This trail has multiple skill levels for every rider and some really fun features to ride! As Amy describes it, this is kind of like an amusement park for mountain biking! The coolest feature about all of these trails is there is the Greenway trail that runs alongside for easy in and out if you want to ride something easier before hitting the harder stuff or need to bail out of a trail.
  2. Devils Den-Fossil Flats-This trail really sealed the deal that you bring a full-suspension bike! Again, so many cool features that are unique to these trails! Quite rocky, with waterfalls and tons of other fun,  with some technical elements. All of the trails shown are intermediate level trails, which are comparable to advanced trails here in Michigan.  There is some a downhill black diamond option in this area a few of them hit not in video.
  3. Blowing Springs-This trail comes in and out of the Blowing Springs Campground, which makes it very convenient if you are camping there! Great flowy trail on one side, chunky more difficult on the other side!  Both visible up in the tree lines from your campsite!
  4. Back 40-If you want to see a full video on this trail, check out our video from two years ago. You honestly can’t go wrong on any trail you decide to ride while in the Bentonville/Blowing Springs/Fayetteville area!

Make sure to watch the video if you are thinking of visiting the area as there are many tips given throughout about what bikes you should bring, how to prepare for a big trip, and some other tidbits that you will find useful. If you are a mountain biker, you need to make this a bucket list stop, because it is such an incredible spot with so many trails to chose from!

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