Barry-Roubaix 2023: Interviews and Race Footage!

The largest gravel race in the world, Barry-Roubaix draws racers from all over the country! The energy and camaraderie surrounding this race is palatable when you get onsite! There are multiple lengths in races, but the most popular is the 100 “Psycho Killer!” This race is basically the kick-off to the racing season here in Michigan and is filled with people itching to get out there, and see if their winter training paid off. We interviewed a number of people and asked how they felt about racing this year, and there was one pretty popular answer-not enough training.

This winter seemed to linger with really cold days, tons of rain, and even some occasional snow in March and April making it really hard to get out on the roads and trails for some real-life training. However, the day of the race was gorgeous, a far cry from 2022’s race! Barry-Roubaix, like Iceman, is always a toss-up regarding the weather!! Some years there is snow on the ground, rain, or sunny and pleasant. No matter the weather or if you hit your goal in the race, the afterparty is KILLER! They have this race dialed in, and everyone knows it’s all about friendships, stories, and food and drinks after the race!

Check out our video from this year and see Michael Brower cruise through some of the toughest parts of Barry, including Shaw and Sager Slaughter Fest! As always, this race never disappoints and gets us in the mood for all of the other great races we’ll be at throughout the year! If you see our tent out at any of the races, stop by!

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