Level Up Your MTB and Gravel Training

Training is one of the least glamorous parts of competition, but any athlete will tell you that what you put in is what you get out. We’re always tweaking our training routine and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Everyone is different in how they approach training, so we’re going to talk to people at every level of racing to find out what they do! Our first interview was with David “Woody” Woodbury who is racing at an elite level and has a packed racing schedule! There are so many nuggets in here, but some of the things we took away are:

  1. Consistency and Rest are both key. Two of the biggest areas cyclists struggle with are being consistent in their rides and what they are trying to achieve during the training rides and resting well. In order for training to work, you have to be purposeful in what you are doing. Woody has his days and rides down to a science as to what he is looking to achieve. Each ride has a goal, but still maintains the fun that we all love about MTB and gravel riding. Just as riding is purposeful, so is rest and what you do following that. Our bodies aren’t made to go all the time, and we all need a little rest, but resting well and getting your body back in gear is important to having great rides.
  2. Track your progress/Keep yourself accountable. Using a tracking software like Training Peaks, Strava, TrainerRoad, or something like that can help you see your progress and keep you accountable to your training goals. There’s a lot of numbers to process, but whatever you want to track, you can find a software that will track it. Some of our favorites are Training Peaks and Strava. While software can keep you accountable, getting a buddy to train with you can be the ticket to consistency too.
  3. Find what works for you. What is motivating for someone else may not work for you. That is OK! Learn what keeps you motivated and helps you be consistent or you’ll fall off the bandwagon pretty quick. Get the in miles on the bike, but if you want to mix it up with some other exercising that is also great too.

We talk about so much more in our interview with Woody. Watch the video above to hear how he got involved in mountain bike and gravel riding, what he does for nutrition, and what he has coming up this year on his race calendar. We are excited to have him on our racing team and in Grand Rapids!

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