A Race that Never Disappoints! | Paul Wojcik’s Perspective-Iceman 2022

Photo Credit: Sonia Rose

I had a really good Iceman this year. I was quite a bit worried about my hands and the rain but thanks to my friend Miguel he gave me some cleaning gloves which were the perfect solution! I was able to keep my normal gloves dry and they are extremely tacky so I never lost grip of my bars.
I was aiming for under 2 hrs. but I didn’t quite hit my target. I finished in 2:05:20 which is a PR but the course was also a touch shorter than last year. Looking at strava I PR’ed almost every segment on the course.
I soloed off the start line and almost maintained it through to the start of the single track where I had 2 guys catch me. I kept a really good pace and kept it clean. I had no crashes and really played smart with line choices.
I did get caught up in some single track behind folks and I swear it always eats up so much time. According to my splits I passed over 150 people and I caught people in much higher waves than me. Next year I need to get myself seeded in a earlier wave so that hopefully I can cut down on the slower traffic.
Near the end of the course there were some short steep climbs and I put in some hard efforts and it helped me move up a bit. Then coming into the finish line there was one guy I duked it out with and he got me by just a hair.
All in all super happy with my performance and hope next year I can finally get under 2.
I was also pretty stoked to get a picture with Alexey on Friday and then to see him win was freaking awesome!
A special thanks to all those who supported me throughout the year and right down to the day of. West Michigan Bike & Fitness kept my bike running great and I had no mechanical issues! Miguel, Fiona and Greg for giving me great pep talks prior to starting. Mark for all the race support with Team RE/MAX and for all the support with training, races, and trip to Bentonville throughout the year! Jeff for some racing tactics earlier this year as well as some pictures and videos. The Chiropractic Doctors for keeping my back aligned and feeling good. To my neighbors who are always pushing me to do more and for letting me ride and train with them. Lastly, to my parents and Christian who are always letting me pursue my goals.