A Must See Rustic Campground

Summer 2017 my girlfriend Shelby and I set out on an adventure to find new things to do around Grand Rapids. We hopped on eastbound I-96 and drove with no real destination in mind. We ended up going to multiple parks, campgrounds, and beaches. We made pit stops at Lake Odessa, the Grand River, and a few other man made lakes and beaches. The day ended at Bertha Brock Park in Ionia: a beautiful rustic campground! We headed home that night but planned a camping trip shortly thereafter to return. When we headed back to spend the night with a couple friends we realized all Bertha Brock really had to offer. The campground offers walk on campsites for tent camping or small campers for as little as 10 dollars a night. They have a park with a kid’s playground and all the necessary things for a picnic. Beyond that, the campground is on a gorgeous creek with stone bridges going over it in multiple locations. There are many other things such as a baseball field, a disc golf course, 4 miles of trails, and a huge sledding hill for the winter months! I can highly recommend adding this hidden gem to your list of campgrounds to visit in 2018, with it being just a 30 minute drive from Grand Rapids there is no reason not to check it out! Hope to see you there!


  1. Mark Deering on March 30, 2018 at 2:13 pm