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REMAX Mediocre Golf- Tiny Checks, Big Fun

Mediocre Golf is taking over West Michigan: Face it, you suck.  Join us in the fun!

Registration is now open for 2019. With the first tournament at the end of March if weather allows.  Visit to register for the chapter or email for more information and questions!

West Michigan finally has a place for REAL golfers to play in REAL tournaments for REAL prizes. Did I mention this was for real?  Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free from the scorn of the low handicap weirdos trying to make the club championship!  Bogey golf is good golf damnit!  Oh by the way, your worm burners and slices into the neighboring fairway could earn you a free trip to Vegas. Intrigued? Keep reading.

In 2017 the poster boy for bad golf, chapter leader Justin Glover, partnered with RE/MAX and The Mark Deering Team to bring a chapter of The Mediocre Golf Association ( to Grand Rapids.  The MGA has been around for almost 10 years now but there are still many perfect candidates who have not heard of it.  What is the perfect candidate? Someone who typically shoots somewhere between 82-182, loves golf but doesn’t take themselves so seriously, enjoys not golfing alone, enjoys winning cool trophies and giant checks, and isn’t a jerk face.  We play one stroke play tournament a month from March through October and some members occasionally get together for other rounds and range days. You don’t have to play in every tournament to participate, but odds are once you get out there and experience an MGA tournament you are going to want to.

The sponsorship from The Deering Team/RE/MAX allows us to keep membership costs at a minimum and provide additional swag and prizes. All you have to do is pay your small membership fee to the national Mediocre Golf Association so you are able to register for tournaments and track scores and then your green fees. The trophies,  prizes, occasional swag and the trip for one member to go to Las Vegas to play in the World Championships of the MGA are all covered!