When I started planning the second year of the Grand Rapids MGA league I wanted to do two things. Get enough members where we could have a full field every tournament (full field in the MGA is at least 16 players) and give away a trip to Vegas for the 10th annual MGA World Championships.  Well mission accomplished! Ok, I am bending the truth a bit. We only had 15 players in one of the events, but I would say that’s an accomplished goal the mediocre way! Let’s relive some of the year highlights through the magic of words, photos and video!

The year kicked off with a bowling party! There are quite a few quality bowlers in the chapter; medios are great at a lot of things believe it or not!  There was a pretty mediocre moment with this fail at breaking 100 in the 10th frame:

That’s hard to do! At the bowling alley I was able to track down the first year money leader for the chapter, “Black Tees” Caudill, and capture this interview- mediocre sound included.

We were off and running and the returning members were counting down the days until the first tournament in about a month.  But then in an effort to to increase membership and participation your chapter leader dropped this bombshell announcement and damn near broke the internet:

Ok, maybe not THE internet but definitely got the chapter Facebook group pretty hyped!  Let’s take a break here to explain how this was possible. Part of my job as a Real Estate agent is networking/pressing the flesh/shaking hands/kissing babies.  Why would I want to go to some snobby business mixer to network when I can do it playing golf with people who are fun to hang out with!?  I made more of a financial investment in this golf league because I love it and with the hopes of meeting more people who you could use my help when they decide to make a move. #Deductible!

The calendar turned to March and no snow meant time to golf! The Rebel Beach Am Am  kicked off the 2018 season and was b y far the coldest event so far with 40 degree temperatures and 20+mph winds the guys wore whatever they could to keep warm.

It was also our only event so far with a playoff! After a one hole playoff, a putt off, and then finally a closest to the pin on a 40 foot putt, Aaron Brock took the giant check, with Todd and Brad grabbing the two headed trophy.

It was quite a bit nicer when The Bastards arrived in April. We were able to have a record turnout of 24 and also a record score.  New player Paul Vonck shot a 153 and hasn’t been back since! I hope he is ok.  Zach Cook took down the tourney and the Green Jacket and I am pretty sure if I didn’t make him return it he would still be wearing it, even wearing it into the office on occasion.

May brought the FORE! Championship and some more crappy weather. The course we were scheduled at closed last minute because of wet conditions but luckily we were able to find a replacement.  I was able to embrace the wet conditions and live out a golf dream of mine by removing my pants to try to hit the ball out of the water.

I actually was able to do it twice on the same hole because shortly after I punched this ball back into play and put my drawers back on I put the next shot right back in the water; yes I am that bad! John overcame his lack of sleep with the new twins at home to take down the win (maybe his last? Or will he stop having kids and come back next year?)

The Freedom and Unity Open in June brought a couple firsts for the chapter. First win for Scott and first time I forgot the checks to hand out! I promised the guys before hand that I would deliver the giant check in person to their work…. but then Scott won. And we works like 90 minutes away…. sooooooo…. Scott got it the next event!

It was also the first time I let a member get me to do shots on the course. It was also the first time I won the red key! And the last time I saw my 56 degree wedge as it ended up in the pond.

The dog days of summer hit and that means hot and humid in West Michigan. In July we hit up Pigeon Creek for the Bratish Open and got sweaty as soon as we got out of the car. Todd almost DQed with an even 80 to take the win.  God must not have wanted him to shoot a 79 because it poured like crazy the last couple holes.  I got my first and most likely my last long drive playing from the red tees with a 90 yard head start on the field.

We brought some wives and girlfriends out for a fun offseason event at the end of July, a two person scramble.  Todd and A-A-Ron took it down and won some bonus swag and raffle tickets for the Vegas raffle, while we did a pretty good job recruiting some ladies for the league next year.  My lovely wife golfed with me and unleashed the Glover Family Slice on the golf ball most the day. Proud of you, honey.

August was pretty eventful as we went back to the tough but beautiful Falls at Barber Creek for The MGA.  Scott won his second tourney while Emerson almost pulled off the impressive win from the red tees finishing second.  After calling his shot of victory on the first tee, Travis ended up finishing DFL with a 142.  I got run over by a golf cart (my Achilles is still not fully healed, thanks Brad).

A week later Tim, Owen, Scott, John M, and I headed down to Toledo to represent the Grand Rapids Chapter in the Midwest Regional Championship.  Apparently I didn’t take any pictures but I am pretty sure it happened and I had the 11 layer lasagna again afterwards.  We vastly improved our last place chapter finish last year by finishing SECOND…. to last.  We had a great time and made it home safely even though Tim was rocking his U of M gear the whole weekend.

September brought the DB Invitational and also the first tournament I had to miss. It was a bummer to miss but frighteningly you guys didn’t miss a beat. Another good turnout and another giant check for Todd’s beer fridge.

Shortly after the DBI we did the Vegas drawing. I ordered a bunch of ping pong balls and wrote everyone’s names on them. One ball for every entry they earned throughout the year.  I had my 5 year old draw the winner so he would take the blame for not picking someone and A-a-ron Romo (not his real name but he works for the CIA or is really Tupac or something so we need to protect his identity) was picked! A second year member with the most red keys in chapter history was going to Vegas for the World Championship.  He was excited but we still had one more tournament to play before heading out.

Somehow, we were able to get the nicest private course in Grand Rapids to let us hold our last tournament there!

Another very wet day and tough greens led to nobody breaking 100. Todd had the money title all but locked for the second straight year with only Scott having a chance to unseat him.  But then the unthinkable meltdown happened.  After finishing top 3 in all but one tournament he played in the last two years (4th place in that tourney), Todd finished tied for 7th and Scott won to secure the money title!  Even more impressively we ended up with two Grand Rapids Medios finishing in the top 10 on the global money leader board!

With that, the GRMGA golf season ended and the countdown to Vegas for A-a-ron and I started. I was hoping to get a big enough crew out to qualify for the chapters cup in Vegas (need at least 3 golfers) but it wasn’t in the cards this year for the members.  We had an AMAZING time in Vegas. I didn’t take nearly enough pictures or video but this is a must attend for those who have the means to do so. Start saving now!  I finished with a 230 over two days for 230th place and A-Aron didn’t quite get that red key but finished 276/280. Well done! Check out some highlights:

So there you have it. The 2018 GRMGA season in the books. Many thanks to my REMAX team for helping out and many thanks to all the guys who are just as passionate about the league as I am. You are a big part of the growth and why we have such a good atmosphere.  Keep an eye out for some potential off season events including, bowling, fowling, poker and maybe even some indoor golf.  Oh and one more thing, start earning those raffle tickets NOW! I am giving away a Vegas trip again next year!