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Major Turnout; Major Fun; Majorly High Scores at the First Major of the Year.

The RE/MAX Grand Rapids MGA took Thornapple Pointe by storm last Saturday. After weeks of snow/rain and Spring not springing, the weather was nearly perfect for an afternoon of slices, shanks, sand shots and sucking.  With a turnout of 24 golfers for the shotgun start, I can promise you there were never so many shots hit in a five hour period in the history of the course.  From welcoming five new members to their first event to establishing a new chapter high score, there was plenty of action on the course.

When the divots settled, Zach Cook put in an inspiring performance for the win and signed his name on the Green Jacket.  I say inspiring because the dude actually practiced and has improved like 15 strokes in the last year or so. If he can do it, that still gives hope to me!  Zach played it smart all day by keeping his ball in the fairway and avoided any nasty blowups.  With the win Zach has vaulted into the top 5 on the world money list!

The Bastard

Posted by Owen Dominick on Saturday, April 21, 2018


Now that I roped you in with a nice opener for this article, I am going to rapid fire the rest of the recaps! Lot’s of drunkeness and some bad math -numbers are hard when you start shooting 120 and up!  Jason Jenkins won the gross award which was good enough for second overall in his first event. After a very solid opening, defending chapter champion Todd Caudill melted down on the easier back 9 and it won him the meltdown award but also dropped him into a third place tie with John Bartlett who hasn’t slept in two months.  Todd, pick it up, you’re on my fantasy team! Last month’s champion Aaron Brock rounded out the top five playing back a set a tees.  He and his foursome won the award for most alcohol consumed however.

Scott Millword continued his solid first season with a 6th place tie with Lt. Suck and Dan Romero. Both Lt. Suck and Dan have been desperate for their first giant check but it was not their round as they finished a disappointing 11 strokes back of the win. Your’s truly, Justin Glover snagged another top 10 with a 105. That included 2 4 putts in his round and a couple 3 putts.  I tried to take the meltdown award from Todd because I am sick of not winning things but had to give it to it’s rightful owner shortly after awarding it to myself.  Michael Mather closed out the top 10 with a 106.

Now, super rapid fire!  Kevin was most mediocre in 11th. Jesse’s car broke down on the way to course but he hitchhiked to the course and finished in the money at 12th. Brad I think showed up looking for a bar and accidentally started golfing but still managed a tie for 12th. George overcame a guy who wouldn’t stop talking on the CTP hole and took the kinda close award and tie for 12th.  A-A-Ron played from the red tees and improved by about 20 strokes for a solid bounce back round and 15th. Closing out the money was newcomer Don as a scoring error plummeted Jeff from 16th to 18th and has him still looking for his first tourney cash.  John M and Jeffrey S both fit in nicely with the chapter but didn’t want to show off too much their first time out and just missed the money.  Travis and Owen might have had the most fun out of anyone and their score reflected it with a 127 and 130 respectively. And then there is Paul. He EARNED the key to the red tee with a new chapter record of 153. I am glad his arms didn’t fall off.

Thanks everyone for the great event and I look forward to heading up to Cedar Springs in a few weeks! Remember to keep trying to earn those raffle tickets and if you aren’t in the facebook group yet, send me a request to get put in!